1971, Healing the Past for a Meaningful Memories

The Unspoken Trauma of 1971, Healing the Past for a Meaningful Memories
WCI organized this event to talk about the unspoken horror and trauma suffered by our War Rape survivors from the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971 in the hands of the Pakistani army in 1971 and how the society failed to give them the support they deserved and needed to heal their pain.
We also talked about the transgenerational effect of that trauma and how if unhealed, that trauma can descend down to the future generations and have a significant effect on their life and their interaction with other human beings.
We tried to find a connection between those unhealed and untreated scars from the sexual violence of 1971 and the epidemic of misogyny in Bangladeshi society today and find ways in which we can come to terms with those scars and create awareness about them so that we can face the misogyny and combat it for a better future of the country and for our future generations.

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