Annual Reports 2020-2021

Women Chapter International (WCI) –Not for Profit Organization

Registered on June 4th, 2020. 

Contact Telephone: 802531-3266

Board of Directors:

Supriti Dhar (Chair)

Sandra Wall, Member (June 04, 2020-June 03, 2021)

Camilla Carlsson, Member

Monjun Nahar, Member

Shumu Haque, Member

Wiola Rebecka (August 20, 2021- Present) , Member

Auditor: Pia Tingvall

Background Meeting Activities of making WCI

The organization had its 1st annual meeting on 15 May 2021 via zoom. Besides that, it had numerous online and physical meetings between 2020 to 2021.

21 February 2020 – First Breakfast meeting of Supriti Dhar and Sandra Wall where the concept of WCI was discussed. And Camilla Carlsson joined at that meeting.

22 February 2020 – Officially the concept of WCI was discussed between Bangladesh partner Monjun Nahar and Supriti Dhar and agreed to go ahead with the organization.

25 February 2020 – Meeting at Coffice with Supriti Dhar, Sandra Wal, Camilla Carlsson, and Pia Tingvall where the registration process of an organization was discussed, and Camilla took the initiative.

3 and 11 March 2020 – Discussed the first draft of Statutes with the presence of Sandra Wall, Supriti Dhar, and Camilla Carlsson.  

24 March 2020 – First Skype meeting with all, and Monjun Nahar as a Bangladesh partner and Shumu Haque as a Canadian partner were introduced with other members in Sweden. And both of them were agreed to be Board Member of the WCI.

18 May 2020 – Finalized the statues of WCI.

04 June 2020 – There was a ZOOM meeting with all the members of WCI and the final statutes were discussed and finalized. This meeting elected Supriti Dhar as Chairman of WCI for two years, Sandra Wall as a secretary, Camilla Carlsson as a cashier, Monjun Nahar, and Shumu Haque as a Board Member. The meeting decided to appoint Pia Tingvall as an Auditor for one year. At last, the finalized statutes were signed by the Swedish Board Members Sandra Wall, Camilla Carlsson, and Supriti Dhar before some witnesses, and the final copy was sent to migrationsverket for registration.

In the meantime, Monjun Nahar has done some groundwork in Bangladesh to make a decision that will help WCI to work in the future.

September and October 2020 were full of activities, physical meetings, zoom meetings, and searching for banks.

By this time WCI had a discussion with SIDA, Forum Civ, and Swedish Art Council to know about the future funding process. Along with such meetings, WCI continued to meet and talk about the organization’s objectives and goals and working areas with other activists in Norrköping and Stockholm.

WCI got acquainted with a group of people from East European countries and Rwanda who are working on the Transgenerational Trauma of Rape victims for a long time. This acquaintance has given the organization a new look for further work spheres.

Because of COVID 19 WCI could not get any fund support and accomplish its intended goals and objectives in the field, but the ground of future work has been built. It has been making a great network within like-minded organizations and people who are struggling to establish human rights and freedom of expression in developing countries.

As WCI is a part of the Women Chapter, the first online writing platform for women in Bangladesh founded in 2013, so it already has a strong base and ground. Women Chapter is merely a portal rather than a movement towards a change. It has already had a strong impact on the women’s rights movement in Bangladesh and Bangla-speaking world. WC is always focused on human rights, minority rights, indigenous rights, freedom of speech and expression. As a medium, it has become a strong tool of expression for the last eight years.

Annual Report 2020-2021